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Interview with KingOfSoul81!

What is your name and where do you live?
My name is Cody Smith and I'm from the small town of Lakeview in the state of Michigan in the US.

What do you do for employment?
Currently I'm unemployed but in the past I've had jobs like a pizza delivery driver and a gas station attendant. This year I've begun doing commissions as well. I've been fortunate enough to gain some exposure within the past six months or so and it feels more than phenomenal to know people enjoy my art.

What type of art do you specialize in?
The type of art I create is traditional art, more specifically pen and ink. Digital art feels sterile to me and I feel it's important to keep the craft of traditional ink work alive. My main tool of choice is office supplies and fine liners. Nothing fancy at all. For the most part they're pens most people use only for jotting down notes at work or school. Pilot makes dependable and inexpensive tools that are indispensable for my work.

How did you discover traditional art, and how long have you been doing it?
I discovered working with pens when I was 15. My high school art teacher suggested that I ink a drawing I did in pencil. I thought she was crazy (it was a large drawing) but once she gave me a two minute tutorial on cross hatching and I tried it, I was hooked for life. Eighteen years later and I'm still at it! It's a life-long love affair.

Do you dabble in any other forms of art?
When I'm not creating pen and ink pieces I like to make my own stickers and alter photos I cut out of magazines (see my Confiscated Art: Fun With White-Out folder in my gallery ). Every once in a while I'll work in color using Sharpie markers or colored pencils.

Is there an art type you want to improve on?
This medium is my life's work. I want to push it and advance it as much as possible. Growing as an artist is never complete for me. In the future I'd also like to improve my traditional collage work. I love surrealist collages. Google Winston Smith.

Any advice for other artists?
If I had any advice for fellow artists it would be develop patience. There's no need to rush through a piece only to produce something you're not happy with. Second, if you have a medium you truly love push yourself to advance your skills. Don't just work in a familiar zone, do things that will challenge your abilities. It will definitely pay off. Study the greats in your field to learn all you can from them. Learning about Albrecht Durer, Franklin Booth, Virgil Finlay, etc. helped me with my craft that's for sure. Most importantly: HAVE FUN!!!

Large Mandala (majority of it) by KingOfSoul81 Cowboy Woody Allen Filming at Big Boy by KingOfSoul81
'OVER THE LINE!!!' by KingOfSoul81 Portrait of my Grandmother by KingOfSoul81
Black Sabbath by KingOfSoul81 Fozzie and Kermit by KingOfSoul81

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Hello all,

There was a loophole in the submissions where you could submit more than once a month if you spread out submissions across multiple folders. I have adjusted the settings and I think it should work how we want it: One deviation per month total with no submissions allowed to the featured folder. Just letting y'all know changes were made in case they didn't work, don't want ya to panic :)

Thanks all!

~ Brieana

*** I believe there should be no issues with deviants getting locked out of all folders as I have gotten submissions after the limit change. Yayy :)
It's come to our attention that our icon is apparently so awful you guys can't be asked to look at it anymore. I mean, I personally thought it was great, not too flashy but straight to the point, but I guess some people disagree quite a bit. :shrug:

So, since it's so awful, we're leaving it up to you guys to make our new one! No restrictions, except for that "selftaught-artists" or "STA" must be on it. It can be animated, brightly colored, black and white, traditional, whatever you guys want. You're limited to one entry per person- but if you come up with a better idea you can switch out entries. ;)
There will be a folder set for these, and they will NOT count towards your once-a-month submission limit!

Deadline: We don't really have one yet, but probably not very long since this is a relatively small scale thing. When we've decided we're done, we'll give a week's notice.

So. Ready. Set.
Hello everyone!  I've started a new kind of feature, because with the rapid increase daily in our members, the old way was incredibly tedious.  So, last week I selected one member at random and interviewed them.  

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Interview with Bisanti!

What is your name, and where do you live?
My name is Jean-Claude Grillet, and I live in Geneva, Switzerland.

What type of art do you do, and what do you do for work?
I am painting for the past fifteen years. I am working as a lawyer, since it is very hard to earn sufficient money to live in Geneva with art, where figurative art is bad considered.

I am currently focused since 2012 on wildlife art and portrait, working with soft pastesl, oils and digital tools.
but I initially started by doing comics and then swithched to fantasy painting (influence from Boris Vallejo and Larry Elmore).

In 2011, as I could not have a studio for painting with turpentine, I started digital painting (corel painter 11, then 12). Always starting with a complete sketch, sometimes precompleted with pastesl

What made you want to switch from doing comics to fantasy paintings?
Initially, I was doing portrait mainly warriors, then I painted dragons and other fantasy figures (quite influenced by Boris Vallejo at that time). It made sense to start implementing the figures in a background, it is at that time (around 2002) that I discovered the work for TSR from Larry Elmore and late Keith Parkinson. Their colorful painting had everything I like, action, figures, background.

Then I started to do more and more realistic painting and one day Î painted an Amazon with an horse. I enjoyed so much painting the horse that I started to paint wildlife.

I still like comics, as it helped me a lot in learning about direct painting, composition, lighting

How long have you been doing art?
Seriously since 2000

What do you do in your spare time
On my spare time, I am teaching martial art for the past 10 years which is a good way to have a restful mind, which help a lot in the creative process.

And what advice do you have for other artists in your field?
Never give up, do not believe in gift or talent, hardworking is the key point for improvement.

Asking for constructive feedback is also interesting, as staying alone in your studio without sharing will make you lose interesting alternative point of view

Finally, take pleasure when creating your art, it should not be painful, neither you should be hurted if someone does not like your artwork. As long as you did your best, a part of you will be in the painting

Africa by Bisanti Growing path by Bisanti Tiger family by Bisanti   Motherhood - black and white study by Bisanti Mountain Silverback Godfather by Bisanti Snowy sunshine by Bisanti Koalas by Bisanti
EDIT: Yes, guys, it's FINE if it doesn't have a fancy background or it's fully shaded on white paper. What we DONT want is simple lineart or uncolored sketches. For example:
THIS is fine: rejectall-american.deviantart.…
These are NOT: rejectall-american.deviantart.… ; rejectall-american.deviantart.…
Hope this helps clear things.

Hello Everyone!

Some of the Admins and I were talking and we have decided that it would be beneficial for the group if we imposed a slightly stricter quality limit on the submissions. This does not mean that we are going to toss out all the beginner level submissions automatically, but this does mean that if you are a beginner your best bet is to put your absolute best work forward. A trend we have noticed with beginner art is that a lot of times it is just a sketch on a blank piece of paper. No background, no anything. We already don't accept WIPs and unfinished pieces, but a lot of times we get submissions that are labeled as finished when it is just a doodle or sketch on a blank piece of paper, and we will no longer be accepting these. If your finished piece is a character sheet or something that would not require a background, then it needs to have some polishing done to it. There is a difference between these two works:……

These are obviously extremes on both ends of the spectrum, but you get the idea.

TL;DR Put forward your best effort even if you are a beginner because we will no longer accept works that look like WIPs.

That is all, thank you! :)

~Brieana + STA team

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